Winchester Walk 14th June 2022


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Join Nigel on an easy walk around the historic town of Winchester. Maybe a coffee stop and a leisurely lunch on the way with a glass of wine or two??

Meet at 10.30am, meeting place to be advised.

The Romans invaded Britain under Caesar in AD 43. They came to Winchester, which they
named Venta Belgarum. Winchester was one of the first Roman settlements in Britain and was
occupied from about AD 50. The Romans built several straight roads to link Winchester with
other Roman settlements and several of these are visible on maps and images of the region.

King Alfred the Great (reigned 871–899) is associated with Winchester, and made the town his
capital.  The statue at the east end of the High Street (pictured), celebrating King Alfred’s millennium, was erected in 1901.

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Voluntary Contribution

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