Feeling low now that winter is here?

Written by John Webb

. I lost my wife to bowel cancer in 2013. I love the outdoors, walking, cycling and kayaking to name a few of my favourite activities.

15 November 2021

Support for widows throughout the Christmas season. An article of support by Karen Sutton.

View in Web BrowserI’ve really noticed in the last week or so everyone is feeling rubbish, there’s a heaviness in the air and people have lost any motivation or spark they may have had.  The days are getting colder and shorter and energy levels are dropping.  People tell me they’re tired, fed up, sad and generally struggling.  And if I’m honest, I’m feeling it too. It’s not my grief, I have just felt unsettled, frustrated and like I want to run away to a warmer climate and switch off. 

 When we feel like this it’s easy to fall into bad habits,   
🌻 Eating junk 
🌻 Drinking 
🌻 Negative thinking
🌻 Disconnecting from yourself, others and life 
🌻 Staying still  

And actually getting into a very negative cycle layering negativity with more negativity.  

We start to beat ourselves up and focus on all the things we think we can’t do or should be doing better.  

None of this helps, we really have to become aware of what our mind, body and soul needs and be kinder to ourselves.  

Remember, start with the basics,  
💛 Good food – nourish your body 
💛 Plenty of water 
💛 Get outside in nature and move your body 
💛 Sleep/rest 
💛 Connect with those you love  

It’s not an easy answer, it won’t take it all away, but it will definitely help you work through it more positively.  

And if you’re feeling like you really want to help your self come and join us here in Cheltenham on the 4th December for what promises to be the most wonderful day.  

It is a day of hope where you will connect with other widows and surviving partners at a difficult time of the year. 

 I have some wonderful guest speakers lined up, I will be doing a talk on how you can support yourselves better through the festive period, and we are going to get creative.  

If you would like some more information either hit the link below or reply to this email and I’ll send it over, you really don’t want to miss it. www.karensutton.co.uk/events And for those coming from far and wide ( I even have a lady coming from America ) we will be getting together in the evening for an evening meal and would love you to come and join us.   

Much love as always,  
Karen 🌻💛    

P.S. Here are three ways I can help you.  

1. 1:1 coaching with me where I provide practical and emotional support through grief so you can create a vibrant life after loss.  www.karensutton.co.uk/1to1-coachingPlease click this link for more info 

 2. Listen to my NEW podcast – ‘The Widow Podcast’ where I share hints, tips and support to help support you on your widow journey. www.karensutton.co.uk/podcasts/the-widow-podcast 

3. Come and join my free Facebook support group ‘Widows Rising’ where we all connect, support and nurture each other and ourselves. 

www.facebook.com/groups/widowsrising1     Book a FREE callUnsubscribe |

Karen Sutton The Widow CoachWitley Edge, 324a Hatherley Road • Cheltenham, Gloucestershire • GL51 6HX

Karen Sutton is a grief coach and is not affiliated to embark2 nor does embark2 receive any form of remuneration from as a result of this article. All advice/support offered is that of Karen Sutton the Widow Coach and not that of embark2.

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