Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

The ethos of embark2 is to provide support for each other in the rebuilding of our lives following the loss of our partners. To achieve this, all members are expected to respect each other and show the care and compassion for others that they themselves would want to receive. Unfortunately there may be occasions when this doesn’t happen and for this reason we have adopted a Complaints Policy. Whilst we at embark2 are mindful of the need to be supportive to all our members, we will not tolerate hurtful or abusive behaviour by any member. We have a Code of Behaviour which all members must adhere to.

This policy sets out the process to be followed if there is a breach of embark2 ’s Code of Behaviour. It also outlines what actions will be taken if there is a complaint against any of the embark2 Executive Team. In either case, there is a clear appeals process.

This policy is to ensure that this process fair and transparent.

Breaches of the Code of Behaviour

If any member should feel threatened or harassed by another member, either on line or while attending an embark2 event, they must contact the executive team via  or inform the event leader as soon as possible.

In relation to our on line forum, if any member considers that any posting of another member breaches our rules or the principles supporting our rules, the embark2 executive team should be contacted at reserves the right to remove objectionable messages and information posted to the forum and will make every effort to do so in a timely fashion.

On receipt of notification from a member expressing concern about the behaviour or post of another member, the embark2 Executive Director (ED), or a deputy from the executive team, will assess whether the breach is serious enough to warrant suspension of the member, pending the investigation. Suspension of a member is a last resort and will only be taken if there is a potential risk to other members.

If, in the opinion of the ED, there is a case to answer s/he will appoint at least two members of the Executive Team to investigate the complaint.

The Executive Officers (EOs) will make enquiries to establish the facts of the case. This will involve discussing the matter with the members involved. Once the facts have been established, they will make a decision about the outcome of their investigation and the next steps which could include:

  1. There is no case to answer and therefore no action required and the parties will be informed;
  2. The member who has breached the Code of Behaviour may be given a warning regarding their future conduct;
  1. Any repeat of the behaviour and the membership will be revoked.
  2. If it is found that there has been a serious breach of the Code of behaviour, the membership will be revoked.

In all cases, a member will have a right to appeal against the decision. Any appeal will be considered by at least three members of embark2 ’s Executive Team who have not been involved in the initial investigation. They will be provided with the original notification and the facts of the case, together with the member’s statement in support of the case. They will be able to undertake their own enquiries. The outcome of this may be:

  1. The original decision is upheld
  2. It is considered that there is no case to answer
  3. It is considered that the sanction against the member should be modified

Whatever, the outcome of the investigations, their decision is final.

Complaint against a member of embark2’s Executive Team

If any member has a concern about the behaviour of one of embark2’s  Executive Team, they should notify the ED via If the complaint is about the ED, the member may address the email for the attention of another member of the Executive Team.

Once the notification has been received the above process will be undertaken, with three members of the Executive investigating the facts of the case.

The three EOs will then make a decision based on the facts of the case as to whether or not there is a case to answer.

  • If there is no case to answer, no action will be taken and the complainant will be informed
  • If there is a case to answer, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with points 2,3, or 4 above.

The appeal process will be followed as outlined above.

Date of review 20/01/21